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Growing with us


Herbatropica is a company that was established in 2021, specializing in the export of Indonesian tropical commodities. Our main products include premium coconut shell charcoal, organic coconut sugar, and export-grade Indonesian vanilla.


Commitment to Quality


At Herbatropica, quality is our ethos, not just a standard. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in all our products. Through strategic collaborations with business partners who follow export standards, regulation and administrative systems, we ensure that our products meet your criteria.


Empowering Farmers, Enriching Lives


We are committed to improving the welfare of farmers, and we collaborate with local farmer groups supported by the government to achieve this. Collaboration with certified farmers is not just a transaction; we actively engage with and support these local farmer groups by providing them with market access, knowledge, and resources necessary for sustainable and quality-focused agriculture.


Our aim is to build long-term partnerships that benefit all parties involved. Herbatropica believes that the success of our business should directly impact the welfare of the farmers. As the value of our export commodities increases, so does the welfare of our partner farmers. This symbiotic relationship forms the basis of Herbatropica's commitment to social responsibility and community development.


Join the Herbatropica Experience


Embark on a journey with Herbatropica, where quality meets empowerment. Every purchase not only supports the product but also the community striving for a better life and a sustainable future. Contact us today for inquiries, partnerships, or to learn more about how Herbatropica is making a difference in tropical commodities.

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tahitian Vanilla beans



To become a qualified trading company and have wide area network both local and International.


  • Trade in tropical commodities with a variety of products that meet export standards quality.

  • Provide excellent service to customers .

  • To be a sustainable and solution partner for the common good.

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