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Our maximum capacity of coconut charcoal briquettes reaches 125 tons per month (to 250 tons in early August 2022). The coconut shell charcoal briquettes that we produce are coconut shell charcoal briquettes which have calories >= 7000 cal and are produced from the eastern region of Indonesia. The shape of the coconut shell charcoal briquettes that we produce is in the shape of a cube with a size of 2.5×2.5×2.5  and also in hexagonal shape . We serve private label according to you business needs.


The coconut shell or the outer part of the coconut fruit is very beneficial. Because 100% of the need for briquette charcoal production is highly dependent on the quality of the processed coconut shells. Coconut shells that have been processed into charcoal briquettes can then be used as an alternative fuel for wood. Because of this, this product is classified as Go Green, because there is no need to cut down trees to be used as fuel.Currently, many requests coming to us come from several countries in the Middle East


Advantages of Coconut Shell Briquettes compared to other fuels

  1. Recycled energy. what is meant by recycled energy is, the raw material of this briquette is a raw material provided from nature and continues to be produced by nature. This coconut shell charcoal briquette is included in the Biomass category. Biomass itself is a type of renewable energy that refers to biological materials derived from living organisms. Some examples of biomass sources include wood fuel, coconut, waste, and also alcohol.

  2. The level of heat generated is very maximum. Unlike charcoal made from coal, briquette charcoal from coconut shells can reach a heat content of 7000 cal. Is a fuel that supports processes that require high temperatures. Or it can also be used daily necessities so that the cooking process is faster.

  3. There is no level of poison in it. Because this product is made from natural raw materials, 100% of the products produced are natural. There are only additional ingredients such as tapioca flour which is also a natural ingredient from cassava for the gluing process of charcoal briquettes. So it can be concluded that this product does not contain poison (non-toxic).

  4. No smoke. When you use charcoal in general, there will definitely be a lot of smoke scattered. For example, when grilling satay, there must be a lot of smoke billowing around it, and it is quite disturbing to breathe and quite painful to the eyes. In contrast to this briquette charcoal, the smoke produced is very little or even almost smokeless.

  5. Alternative materials for coal. We often see the fuel used by factories or industries, mostly coal. If we learn more. Exploration of massive coal mines has a very negative impact on nature and the environment around mining. Currently, this briquette charcoal can be used as an advantage of coconut shell briquettes compared to other fuels.

  6. Durable. This coconut shell briquette has a long shelf life of 2-5 hours of burning time, making this product very effective, economical and efficient.



  1. Can be used for daily needs that require a burning process, such as grilling BBQ, Steak or the most familiar is burning satay.

  2. In the Middle East and even in our country it is widely used for burning "Sisha" / "Hookah" is a kind of cigarette that uses a combustion system on it and has various flavors

  3. Or also in Europe and America this briquette charcoal is used as a heating furnace and can also be used for SPA rooms.



  1. Cheaper and economical

  2. The heat is high and continuous so it is good for long burning

  3. No risk of explosion/fire

  4. Environmentally friendly and safe for health



  • Capacity: 5 tons per day

  • A month: 25 days: 125 tons


Briquettes Specifications

  1. 100% Coconut Shell Charcoal / Coconut Shell Charcoal

  2. The ash content: under 3% (ash content)

  3. odor free

  4. Not easy to crack

  5. Calorie: >=7000



1. Cube

2. hexagonal

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