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We only provide coconut sugar from the best raw materials in Indonesia, every process that is carried out, we ensure it complies with standards production procedure to produced the best export quality. We are always ready to support white label and become your trusted business partner.

This organic coconut sugar have many benefits compared to other types of sugar. Besides having a fragrant aroma and distinctive taste, Coconut Sugar is in great demand as a substitute for granulated sugar because it is healthier, as an ingredient in cakes, cooking ingredients, beverage ingredients and more.


Sugar made from coconut sap, Based on  Nutrition Research Institute, coconut sugar has a low Glycemic Index of 35 compared to white sugar which has a Glycemic Index of 60 to 65. This makes Coconut Sugar Popular as an alternative to sugar which is more healthy, because it does not make blood sugar and insulin soar when consumed.

We have export quality standards and have been accepted in various countries, including:

  • Dubai

  • Taiwan

  • Singapore

  • Malaysia

  • France

  • UK

  • Hong Kong

Advantages  Our Organic Coconut Sugar:

  • Low Glycemic

  • Low Calories

  • High Nutrients

  • Unrefined

  • Less Fructose

Product Specifications

  • Type : Organic Coconut Sugar

  • Shape : Granulated

  • Type of Processing : Unrefined

  • Color : Light brown

  • Moisture : Max 2%

  • Icumsa : 45/100/150/600-1200

  • Brix (%) : 70%

  • Purity (%) : 99%

  • Place of Origin : Central Java, Indonesia

  • Ingredient : Coconut sap

  • Grade : Premium

  • Meshes: 16 – 18

  • Self Life: 18 Months

  • Supply Ability: 100 MT/Month

  • Bulk : 20Kg/25Kg Carton Box

  • Packaging : Pouches, Bottles, Boxes, Sachets, Paper Sack, Bulk


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