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Export with us

Exporting commodities such as coconut shell charcoal, organic coconut sugar and vanilla from Indonesia directly to destination countries is only possible with Indonesian companies that have complied with export standards and administration.


Herbatropica has worked closely with suppliers who have standardized export requirements, agricultural cooperatives, as well as private farmers to ensure that we can export worldwide.
The partnerships we undertake to develop efficient and cost-effective supply chains to transport product directly from the point of origin to our packaging facilities. After the product is processed, it is immediately transported to the sorting location,  to enter the quality control stage. At this stage the product is checked, sorted, and packaged for shipping.


At every stage, we always ensure that only the best products will be continued until the delivery process.

Furthermore, during the shipping process, we always adjust the logistics needs of each of our customers, through the choice of air or sea transportation.

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Our Partners

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