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Mangosteen is a kind of evergreen tree from the tropics which is believed to have originated from the Malay Peninsula and spread to the Archipelago. Grows to reach 7 to 25 meters. The fruit, also called mangosteen, is purplish red when ripe, although there is also a variant with red skin.

Mangosteen is one of the exotic fruits in Indonesia. With its sour and sweet taste, this fruit with purple skin is loved by many people. Not only that, mangosteen's skin has a myriad of health benefits.

Herbatropica cooperates with PT Ekatama Putra Mandiri (Mega Fruit Mustika Lestari) as one of the best packing houses in Indonesia which is proven to have exported mangosteen to China. Product quality is highly prioritized by this packing house, so only the best mangosteen sent to the buyer.

In the photos and videos below, you can see the product display and packaging process at the PT Ekatama Putra Mandiri packing house.

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